Chrysler Owner's E-mail List

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We now have 1,275 owners on the Chrysler Owner's List! Due to this size, I've had to break the list into separate classes. Please follow the links below to see the owner's list for your class:

These lists provide the names of Chrysler owners and their e-mail addresses, categorized by boat type and year. If you would like to add your name to this list, please send me an e-mail by clicking on the "e-mail" button in the left frame.

If you're not sure of your boat's year, check out the "How-To" section, where I have a link entitled "How To Figure Out Your Boat Year".

For the sake of these lists, I've taken to giving each model a number (e.g. C-13, C-14, C-15, and so forth) although I've been told that this could cause some confusion as some other manufacturers designate their hulls C-XX. While dedicated to Chryslers, this list also includes boats that were originally built by Chrysler and later built by other manufacturers (i.e. TMI, Wellcraft / Starwind Boats, Gloucester Yachts, and Cardinal Yachts).

This page last updated on Saturday, January 5, 2002.