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This page provides a list of Chrysler C-26 owners and their e-mail addresses, categorized by boat type and year. If you would like to add your name to this list, please send me an e-mail by clicking on the "e-mail" button in the left frame.

If you're not sure of your boat's year, check out the "How-To" section, where I have a link entitled "How To Figure Out Your Boat Year".

If you have not christened your boat with a name, I will list the boat name as "unknown".

For the sake of this list, I've taken to giving each model a number (e.g. C-26) although I've been told that this could cause some confusion as some other manufacturers designate their hulls C-XX. While dedicated to Chryslers, this list also includes boats that were originally built by Chrysler and later built by other manufacturers (i.e. TMI, Wellcraft / Starwind Boats, Gloucester Yachts, and Cardinal Yachts).

Model Year Owner Name Boat Name Location E-mail Address
C-26 19XX Gilles Bacon unknown Montreal
C-26 19XX Russell W. Baxter unknown Minnesota
C-26 19XX Jock Beck Beckoning Breeze Nova Scotia unknown
C-26 19XX Sandy Block unknown North Carolina
C-26 19XX Dale Brown unknown Colorado
C-26 19XX Ken & Chris Caldwell 2moons California
C-26 19XX Randall Candberry unknown Georgia
C-26 19XX Bill Chidester unknown unknown
C-26 19XX Robert Clarkson Ruckus South Carolina
C-26 19XX Dennis Deford unknown unknown
C-26 19XX Stephen Deters unknown Michigan unknown
C-26 19XX Tom Dinger unknown unknown
C-26 19XX Pat Downing unknown Maine
C-26 19XX Tom Durrant unknown Ontario
C-26 19XX Dustin unknown unknown
C-26 19XX Chris Ferber unknown New York
C-26 19XX Bob Griffin unknown North Carolina
C-26 19XX Don Howell unknown Florida
C-26 19XX Ken unknown unknown
C-26 19XX Ron Kral unknown unknown
C-26 19XX Jeff Largent unknown unknown
C-26 19XX Wayne Leathers unknown unknown
C-26 19XX Steve McDowell unknown unknown
C-26 19XX Richard Palmer unknown Virginia
C-26 19XX Ralph Prewett Butterfly unknown
C-26 19XX David Rezin unknown unknown
C-26 19XX Wade Riggins unknown Tennessee
C-26 19XX Randy Ross unknown Colorado
C-26 19XX Todd Sandness unknown unknown
C-26 19XX John Schalski No Name Maryland
C-26 19XX Thomas Schroeder unknown New York
C-26 19XX David Srebro unknown Michigan
C-26 19XX John Steadham No Name Georgia
C-26 19XX Jerry & Diane Swanton Q-SEA Florida
C-26 19XX Marie Thomas Serendipity North Carolina
C-26 19XX Joe Thompson unknown Illinois unknown
C-26 19XX Rick Webb unknown unknown
C-26 19XX Nolan Wolfe unknown unknown
C-26 19XX Kip Zimmerman unknown South Carolina
C-26 19XX John Zscheile Magic Lady Florida
C-26 1973 Julia Dodge unknown Florida
C-26 1976 Shawn Bresnahan unknown Georgia
C-26 1976 Dennis Curtis unknown Ontario
C-26 1976 Glenn Elliott unknown South Carolina unknown
C-26 1977 Jeffrey Abel unknown unknown
C-26 1977 Ben Adair unknown Texas
C-26 1977 Robert Blann unknown Missouri unknown
C-26 1977 Wally Bone Lazy Bones V Nova Scotia
C-26 1977 Charlie & Sally Bouwens Afternoon Delight Michigan
C-26 1977 Chris Bowen group W bench Georgia
C-26 1977 Eric Brindley unknown Minnesota
C-26 1977 Gordon Cornwell unknown Michigan
C-26 1977 Chuck Defever unknown Michigan
C-26 1977 Drew unknown Florida
C-26 1977 Bill Farrell WESTENDER New Jersey
C-26 1977 George Forth Smokie California
C-26 1977 Jim Glidden Sin' dicate Michigan
C-26 1977 Gene J. Guiness unknown New York
C-26 1977 Chris Hall unknown North Carolina
C-26 1977 Ron & Sue Hatton Fantasy California
C-26 1977 Craige Iwaszko unknown Minnesota
C-26 1977 Greg James Happy Hours Michigan
C-26 1977 Richard Jarel Unidine Oregon
C-26 1977 Jim Kaza Second Wind Michigan
C-26 1977 Dick Koller Dick's Moby Michigan
C-26 1977 Tommy & Sharon Lancaster Moon Shadow Georgia
C-26 1977 Jim McGee La Rose' Michigan
C-26 1977 Becky McGuire & Michael Sloan Hydrotherapy California
C-26 1977 Jerry Menihan ABBSTER unknown
C-26 1977 Phil & Wendy Miller Red Dragon Ontario
C-26 1977 Kenneth Miner unknown unknown
C-26 1977 Johnathon B. Morris unknown Georgia
C-26 1977 Peter & D'Arcy Nelsen Cape Horn Virginia
C-26 1977 Dustin Norlund Tortuga Blanca Oklahoma
C-26 1977 Norm Ravens Nest Michigan
C-26 1977 Jim & Kim Odekirk Our Attitude Wisconsin
C-26 1977 Dan Olesnicky unknown unknown
C-26 1977 Paul Osbourne unknown New York
C-26 1977 Jeff Peacock unknown Florida
C-26 1977 Bob Putnam unknown Illinois
C-26 1977 Bob Ramseur Holiday North Carolina
C-26 1977 Robert Roser unknown Rhode Island unknown
C-26 1977 Latane Sale Unity Virgina
C-26 1977 Ken Schwarz Beckens California
C-26 1977 Laura Skelding unknown Texas
C-26 1977 Charles Smith unknown unknown
C-26 1977 Sam Snavely Mystic Dream Ohio
C-26 1977 John Stratton unknown Michigan
C-26 1977 Brian & Kelly Strout Kelly Jean Massachusetts
C-26 1977 Mike and Kathleen van Doorn Slip Away Quebec
C-26 1977 Lisa Vincent & Larry Harris The Last Penny Michigan
C-26 1977 Bill Wachowiak unknown Wisconsin
C-26 1977 Jim Waldram unknown Wyoming JWALDRAM@UWYO.EDU
C-26 1977 Michael Warchol Rover Michigan
C-26 1977 Ronnie Warren unknown Oklahoma
C-26 1977 George Womack Desert Princess Oregon
C-26 1978 Adam unknown Washington
C-26 1978 John Amundsen MADELYNN Michigan
C-26 1978 Ron Bak Windancer Florida
C-26 1978 Steven Bearden unknown Georgia
C-26 1978 Dale Brown unknown Oregon
C-26 1978 Larry & Karen Coon Red Alert Oregon
C-26 1978 Conrad Cooper ORA Mississipi
C-26 1978 Ralph Dalton unknown New York
C-26 1978 Anthony Dennis unknown St. Croix
C-26 1978 Thomas Diggs Cuda Washington
C-26 1978 Pat & Margaret Dove Katy Rose California
C-26 1978 James Egert HotDot Florida
C-26 1978 David E. Gansz Dain Bramage New York
C-26 1978 Sanford Gentry unknown Indiana
C-26 1978 Chris Gewin Dinah-mite II Alabama
C-26 1978 Frank Godek unknown Illinois
C-26 1978 Bill Grass unknown Virginia
C-26 1978 Jack Harvey Sea Song New Jersey
C-26 1978 Jim & Becky Hill Suncatcher Oregon
C-26 1978 Henry Jakl Sail Pending Alberta
C-26 1978 Lloyd & Christina Kammerer Notatuma Florida
C-26 1978 Kay unknown unknown
C-26 1978 Bob Kearns unknown Wisconsin
C-26 1978 David Lamp Wind Quest Wisconsin
C-26 1978 David Larson Alpha Minnesota
C-26 1978 Rick & Terry Miller unknown Pennsylvania
C-26 1978 Larry Nelson Summer Breeze Missouri
C-26 1978 Ryan O'Reilly Moonshadow Missouri
C-26 1978 Jed Orlemann Missy M California
C-26 1978 Eric Palmquist unknown Kansas
C-26 1978 Ed Portis "Captiva" Texas
C-26 1978 Larry Prins Susan E Oklahoma
C-26 1978 Jerry Randall This Side Up Texas
C-26 1978 Len Richardson Gipper Virginia
C-26 1978 Rik Sneeuwjagt Child's Play Maryland
C-26 1978 Wayne Steinhauer unknown unknown
C-26 1978 Michael Stork The Albatross Washington
C-26 1978 Debbie Stuck MOONDOG South Dakota
C-26 1978 Tom Tavernier WindSong Florida
C-26 1978 Joe Thompson & Mike Trautman Star Chaser Illinois
C-26 1978 Jim & Jen Walls Hearts Desire California
C-26 1978 Ted Wathen Glendower Kentucky
C-26 1979 Gregg Babish Skean-Dhu Saskatchewan
C-26 1979 Gary & Judy Barker MISSY M unknown
C-26 1979 Glenn R. Bartel unknown Kansas
C-26 1979 Norm Clair Great Escape Nova Scotia
C-26 1979 Doc E Shenandoah Washington
C-26 1979 Bill Fraser Whisper California
C-26 1979 Paul Gross Courser Virginia
C-26 1979 John Hambleton Kookyburra Ontario
C-26 1979 Justin Harrison unknown Illinois
C-26 1979 Joel Hoppe No Name Minnesota
C-26 1979 David House Southwind Missouri
C-26 1979 Patrick & Terri Hunt LuLu Oklahoma
C-26 1979 Jeff unknown unknown
C-26 1979 Dennis Knudson unknown Minnesota
C-26 1979 Laurie unknown Michigan
C-26 1979 John Lavely unknown Florida unknown
C-26 1979 Dick Leyh Bonnie J California
C-26 1979 Bob & Judi Lute Baub-e-l Washington
C-26 1979 Franklin Majercak unknown Ohio
C-26 1979 Michael Martin Running Free Michigan
C-26 1979 Al McMillan (former owner) Skean-Dhu Manitoba
C-26 1979 Fred Mick unknown New Jersey
C-26 1979 Patrick Ohmann Tai Pan Michigan
C-26 1979 Jack & Judy Peery Carpe Diem Oklahoma PEERYJE@WORLDNET.ATT.NET
C-26 1979 Robert Pospiel unknown unknown
C-26 1979 Chris C. Pratt unknown unknown
C-26 1979 Norman Rheaume unknown unknown
C-26 1979 Joe & Benita Sanchez Eagle Texas
C-26 1979 Doug Shockley A Woman Is A Curious Thing South Carolina
C-26 1979 Tom & Patty Snyder Sine Qua Non California
C-26 1979 Randy Stolze Y-KNOT New Jersey
C-26 1979 Steve Vanvelzen Baby Blue Ontario
C-26 1979 Bob Wood Southern Cross New York
C-26 1980 Leonard Craver unknown unknown
C-26 1980 Greg James Magic Mary Michigan
C-26 1980 Charlie Jones Morningstar (TMI) Missouri
C-26 1980 Cory McConniel unknown New York
C-26 1980 Joel Pape Taliesin Indiana
C-26 1980 Alex Panayotti unknown Florida
C-26 1980 Dick Rutledge unknown Oregon
C-26 1980 James Varsey unknown Ohio unknown
C-26 1980 Bill Wawrzyniak unknown Ohio unknown
C-26 (TMI) 1981 Chuck Angert unknown unknown

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