Chrysler Owner's E-mail List

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This page provides a list of Chrysler Buccaneer owners and their e-mail addresses, categorized by boat type and year. If you would like to add your name to this list, please send me an e-mail by clicking on the "e-mail" button in the left frame.

If you're not sure of your boat's year, check out the "How-To" section, where I have a link entitled "How To Figure Out Your Boat Year".

If you have not christened your boat with a name, I will list the boat name as "Buccaneer".

For the sake of this list, I've taken to giving each model a number (e.g. C-18) although I've been told that this could cause some confusion as some other manufacturers designate their hulls C-XX. While dedicated to Chryslers, this list also includes boats that were originally built by Chrysler and later built by other manufacturers (i.e. TMI, Wellcraft / Starwind Boats, Gloucester Yachts, and Cardinal Yachts).

Model Year Owner Name Boat Name Location E-mail Address
C-18 19XX Tony A. Buccaneer Massachusetts
C-18 19XX Rick Adams Buccaneer unknown
C-18 19XX Sean Ahern Buccaneer Ohio
C-18 19XX Lewis Anderson Buccaneer Minnesota
C-18 19XX Ute & Doug Andrews Nuttin tuit Texas
C-18 19XX Richard Armington Buccaneer Pennsylvania
C-18 19XX Hollis Babb Buccaneer Alabama
C-18 19XX Greg Ball Buccaneer North Carolina unknown
C-18 19XX Craig Barker Buccaneer unknown
C-18 19XX Margot Bartlett & John Parkhurst Buccaneer unknown
C-18 19XX Steven C. Beck Buccaneer Iowa
C-18 19XX Jack Bednarski Buccaneer Pennsylvania
C-18 19XX Jeff Berta Buccaneer Pennsylvania
C-18 19XX Michael Birnbaum Buccaneer Vermont
C-18 19XX David E. Birren Buccaneer Wisconsin
C-18 19XX Ray Bloomer Buccaneer Tennessee
C-18 19XX Scott Boshart Buccaneer Michigan
C-18 19XX David Bostianii Buccaneer Michigan
C-18 19XX Paul Brasher Buccaneer Nebraska
C-18 19XX Brewington Buccaneer Maryland
C-18 19XX Brett L. Bridgham Buccaneer Michigan
C-18 19XX David & Linda Brinkman Buccaneer Minnesota
C-18 19XX Carl Bromberg Buccaneer Michigan
C-18 19XX Fred Burleson Buccaneer New York
C-18 19XX Dave Busby Buccaneer Tennessee
C-18 19XX Christine Cahalan Buccaneer Kansas
C-18 19XX Scott Calkins Buccaneer Michigan
C-18 19XX Craig Callis Buccaneer Wisconsin
C-18 19XX David Chadwick Buccaneer Alabama
C-18 19XX Steve Chaikin Soloari Michigan
C-18 19XX Duane Chaloupka Ruthless unknown
C-18 19XX Coates Family Buccaneer Illinois
C-18 19XX Greg Cole Maundy Lou Oregon
C-18 19XX John D. R. Cole Buccaneer South Carolina
C-18 19XX Michael Connolly Starwind Indiana
C-18 19XX Jack Conway Buccaneer unknown
C-18 19XX Deryl Corley Buccaneer Texas
C-18 19XX Jeffrey H. Cox Buccaneer unknown
C-18 19XX Matthew J. Crigger Buccaneer Michigan 104401,
C-18 19XX Michael C. Cummings Buccaneer Illinois
C-18 19XX Robert S. Curry Buccaneer Florida unknown
C-18 19XX Dave Buccaneer Pennsylvania
C-18 19XX Debbie Dennis Davis Buccaneer Ohio
C-18 19XX Marc Devereaux Buccaneer Michigan
C-18 19XX Timothy DeVries Buccaneer unknown
C-18 19XX Jerome Dover Black Orchid unknown
C-18 19XX Harry J. Dross Buccaneer New York
C-18 19XX Brian Dunbar I Haven't Named Her Yet Texas
C-18 19XX Joe Durecki Buccaneer Michigan
C-18 19XX Bob Ecklund & Jeff Smith Buccaneer Florida
C-18 19XX Len Elyea Buccaneer Michigan
C-18 19XX Mike & Linda Flynn Buccaneer (TMI) Kansas
C-18 19XX Ian Fraser Buccaneer Virgina
C-18 19XX Larry Freedman Buccaneer unknown
C-18 19XX Kevin French Buccaneer Washington
C-18 19XX Barry Frisbie Buccaneer Wisconsin
C-18 19XX Rick Galla Nauti Pirate Massachusetts
C-18 19XX Rimas Gaizutis Buccaneer Texas
C-18 19XX Bill George Buccaneer Vermont
C-18 19XX Randy Gergen Buccaneer unknown
C-18 19XX Paul Gillis Buccaneer Maine
C-18 19XX Ralph & Debra Gilmore Buccaneer Wisconsin
C-18 19XX Bill Gorman Island Girl unknown
C-18 19XX Rick Greyson Buccaneer Melbourne
C-18 19XX Bill Grossie Nymph North Carolina
C-18 19XX Morgan F. Hamer Buccaneer Iowa
C-18 19XX Bob Hamm Buccaneer Texas
C-18 19XX Dan Handke Buccaneer Minnesota
C-18 19XX John Harper Buccaneer North Carolina unknown
C-18 19XX Mitchell Hay Buccaneer New York
C-18 19XX Mitch Hennes Buccaneer Illinois
C-18 19XX Harry Hilfiker Buccaneer New York unknown
C-18 19XX A.J. (Tony) Hitchings Buccaneer unknown
C-18 19XX Michael Hitchings Mutineer Maryland
C-18 19XX Fred Hockenjos Buccaneer New Jersey
C-18 19XX Brian Houx Buccaneer unknown
C-18 19XX Vincent Hunter Buccaneer Georgia
C-18 19XX Jim Irwin Buccaneer Illinois
C-18 19XX Richards Jarden Buccaneer New York unknown
C-18 19XX Dan Jebens Buccaneer unknown
C-18 19XX Dave Johnson Buccaneer Indiana
C-18 19XX Scott Johnson Buccaneer unknown
C-18 19XX Jon Buccaneer New York
C-18 19XX L.J. Jones Buccaneer Georgia
C-18 19XX Ralph Jones Buccaneer unknown
C-18 19XX Jim Keeley Buccaneer Florida
C-18 19XX Dave Kieffer Buccaneer unknown
C-18 19XX Jake Kirk Buccaneer unknown
C-18 19XX Eric Koehler Buccaneer Minnesota
C-18 19XX Dale R. Lackey Buccaneer Nevada
C-18 19XX Jim Lairmore Buccaneer Wisconsin
C-18 19XX Mark Larson Buccaneer Utah
C-18 19XX Laude Buccaneer unknown
C-18 19XX Bob Leslie Buccaneer Florida
C-18 19XX Leo Lichtfuss Buccaneer Wisconsin
C-18 19XX Greg Little Buccaneer Texas
C-18 19XX Matt Mackinnon Buccaneer unknown
C-18 19XX Gus Manguso Buccaneer unknown
C-18 19XX Don Mars Buccaneer Michigan 102050.470@compuserve
C-18 19XX Jon Marsh Carol's Carpet New York
C-18 19XX Frank "Tripp" Martin Buccaneer unknown
C-18 19XX Keith Mattingly Buccaneer Michigan
C-18 19XX Owen McCall Buccaneer Illinois
C-18 19XX Jay C. McConaughy Buccaneer Pennsylvania
C-18 19XX James & Susan McCoy Buccaneer Georgia unknown
C-18 19XX William Moore Buccaneer Delaware unknown
C-18 19XX Jean Moxam Buccaneer Kansas
C-18 19XX Gene Neault Buccaneer Massachusetts
C-18 19XX David Oliver Buccaneer Alabama
C-18 19XX Mark Olney Buccaneer Kansas
C-18 19XX John Parkhurst Buccaneer Ontario
C-18 19XX Brian Pasco Buccaneer Missouri
C-18 19XX Scott Pearson Buccaneer unknown
C-18 19XX Chuck & Betty Perna Shoal Water Florida
C-18 19XX Dan Piper Buccaneer Delaware
C-18 19XX Timothy Pitts Buccaneer Georgia
C-18 19XX Jason Pope Buccaneer unknown
C-18 19XX Ron Porter Buccaneer Tennessee
C-18 19XX Lauren J. Rezac Buccaneer Kansas
C-18 19XX Steve Ritz Buccaneer Virgina
C-18 19XX Tweed Ross Buccaneer Kansas
C-18 19XX Andy Root Buccaneer Alabama
C-18 19XX Rusty Russell Buccaneer New York
C-18 19XX George Sartorio Buccaneer New Jersey
C-18 19XX Robert L. Schein Buccaneer Colorado unknown
C-18 19XX David Schoenrogge Buccaneer Iowa unknown
C-18 19XX Joe Schuch Buccaneer North Carolina unknown
C-18 19XX Willam Setzer Boy Scout I North Carolina
C-18 19XX Jim Shepard Buccaneer Florida
C-18 19XX Colin Silkstone Buccaneer unknown
C-18 19XX Nydra Smart Buccaneer Nebraska
C-18 19XX Jade Staus Buccaneer unknown JadeS@NATCAM.COM
C-18 19XX Reggie Streicher Buccaneer unknown
C-18 19XX Verne Strickland Buccaneer North Carolina
C-18 19XX Bernie Strom Buccaneer unknown
C-18 19XX Ernest Suarez Buccaneer Tequesta
C-18 19XX Gregg Swentor Buccaneer unknown
C-18 19XX Ken Tempelmeyer Buccaneer unknown
C-18 19XX Bill Thompson Buccaneer Illinois
C-18 19XX Larry Thurber Buccaneer Indiana
C-18 19XX Jeff Tsai Buccaneer North Carolina
C-18 19XX Ted van Veen Buccaneer Netherlands
C-18 19XX Tim Vogel Buccaneer Washington
C-18 19XX Jeff Voorhees Buccaneer Illinois unknown
C-18 19XX John Wallace Buccaneer Georgia
C-18 19XX Daniel Warthen Buccaneer Texas
C-18 19XX Leo Weisman Buccaneer Missouri
C-18 19XX Marcus Welch Buccaneer unknown
C-18 19XX Lance Wende Buccaneer Pennsylvania
C-18 19XX Dale Wentz Buccaneer Illinois
C-18 19XX Tom Wescott Buccaneer Virgina
C-18 19XX Dave Whittington Buccaneer Illinois
C-18 19XX Greg Williams Buccaneer Kentucky
C-18 19XX Marc Williams Hull Mountain Rose North Carolina
C-18 19XX Jim Witherspoon Buccaneer unknown
C-18 19XX Dee & Jerry Wojdyla Penguin 3 Michigan
C-18 19XX Mike Woodford Buccaneer Michigan
C-18 19XX Ian Woofenden Buccaneer Washington
C-18 19XX Chris Zimmerman Buccaneer Ohio ZIMCHRIS@AOL.COM
C-18 19XX Mike Zuilhof Buccaneer unknown
C-18 1966 Phillip Figdore Frothy Pennsylvania
C-18 1967 Mark Williams Blow Me II Georgia
C-18 1968 David Ottaviani Relentless Massachussetts
C-18 1969 John Gerow Notorious Pennsylvania
C-18 1970 Scott Konop Silver Sun Wisconsin
C-18 1970 Allen Self Buccaneer Texas
C-18 1971 R. Bratton Buccaneer California unknown
C-18 1971 Kenneth E. Johnson Breezin Virginia
C-18 1971 Glyn Williams Buccaneer California
C-18 1972 Bill Bartel Buccaneer New Jersey BARTELSAIL@AOL.COM
C-18 1972 Gene Buccaneer Missouri
C-18 1972 John Holman Buccaneer New York
C-18 1972 Steven Lott Kadima New York
C-18 1972 Bennett Samson Grainne Texas
C-18 1973 James A. Bischoff Buccaneer Michigan
C-18 1973 Dan Jaspen Peaceful Warrior Michigan
C-18 1973 Bruce Jones Challenger Michigan
C-18 1973 Rich Moon Buccaneer Delaware
C-18 1973 Joe M. Oglesby Capt. Who? Florida
C-18 1973 Jim Pirko Buccaneer Michigan
C-18 1973 David Rawstrom Quack Kills Arizona
C-18 1973 Andrew Sullivan TIAB Texas
C-18 1973 Herb & Cathie Tardy Kestrel New Mexico
C-18 1974 Sean Ahearn Buccaneer Ohio
C-18 1974 John Fraser Buccaneer Washington
C-18 1974 J.M. Groll Buccaneer Washington
C-18 1974 Len Buccaneer unknown
C-18 1974 P.D. O'Keefe Buccaneer Virginia
C-18 1974 Steve Peters Dorado North Carolina
C-18 1974 Chuck Sanders Buccaneer Illinois
C-18 1974 Pete Simon On Eagles Wings Illinois
C-18 1975 Jim Alton Buccaneer Florida
C-18 1975 Chuck Amasio FINS TO THE LEFT New Jersey
C-18 1975 Craig Callis Buccaneer Wisconsin
C-18 1975 Mike Haerr Buccaneer Illinois
C-18 1975 Jack Horan Buccaneer New Jersey
C-18 1975 Mike Buccaneer unknown
C-18 1975 Tom Pepper Buccaneer Missouri
C-18 1976 Alex Cole Hydrophilic Wisconsin
C-18 1976 T. Coody Buccaneer Texas
C-18 1976 Monroe & Jean Dodd Buccaneer Kansas
C-18 1976 Gary Gueltig Second Half North Carolina
C-18 1976 Guido Buccaneer unknown
C-18 1976 Dick Lilja Buccaneer Oregon
C-18 1976 Justin Meddock Get A Life unknown
C-18 1976 Dan Normile Buccaneer North Carolina unknown
C-18 1976 Wayne Keller WayLin Ohio
C-18 1976 Mike Sigmund Buccaneer North Carolina
C-18 1976 Dan Thompson When Will I Georgia
C-18 1976 David Walker Buccaneer Idaho
C-18 1976 Burke West Buccaneer Texas
C-18 1977 Ralph Crawford Little Fury Florida
C-18 1977 Mitch Delk Rosebud Alabama
C-18 1977 Gene Fignar Buccaneer Connecticut
C-18 1977 Jennifer Henderson Buccaneer Kansas unknown
C-18 1977 Andrew Jones Buccaneer unknown
C-18 1977 Ron Mann Buccaneer California
C-18 1977 Jim Manning Buccaneer South Dakota
C-18 1977 Ruth Ann Neubold Eagle Aye Pennsylvania
C-18 1977 Stephen M. Nolan Buccaneer Texas
C-18 1977 Eric Oster Blew Boat Florida
C-18 1977 Ralph Buccaneer Florida
C-18 1978 Pat Blumm Buccaneer Arizona
C-18 1978 Les Cadmus Buccaneer Illinois
C-18 1978 Sean Callan Buccaneer unknown
C-18 1978 Gary Cullifer Buccaneer Virginia unknown
C-18 1978 Aimar Damon Buccaneer unknown
C-18 1978 Tom Gaskin Buccaneer Texas
C-18 1978 Jay Goff Meaty Bucc-it Rhode Island
C-18 1978 Don Haas Uncle Wiggly Pennsylvania
C-18 1978 John Huebner Buccaneer Illinois
C-18 1978 Jay Buccaneer unknown
C-18 1978 Cleve D. Jordan Sr. KellKat Michigan
C-18 1978 Robert J. Kelley Buccaneer Oklahoma unknown
C-18 1978 Ron King Buccaneer unknown
C-18 1978 Pete Kofira Jr. Things Change New York
C-18 1978 Bob & Patti Mayer Buccaneer California
C-18 1978 David & Stephanie Munoz Buccaneer Colorado
C-18 1978 Bill Narby Buccaneer New York
C-18 1978 Jim Noble Sockeye Missouri
C-18 1978 Wesley Pitts Buccaneer Georgia
C-18 1978 Dave Redmon Prairie Wind Kansas
C-18 1978 Stuart Richman Buccaneer unknown
C-18 1978 Chuck & Sondra Salvo Buccaneer Virginia
C-18 1978 Rich Vernam Buccaneer Indiana
C-18 1978 J. Wood Buccaneer Michigan
C-18 1979 Miguel Astorga Buccaneer Chile
C-18 1979 Peter Bestvater Buccaneer unknown
C-18 1979 Don Boito Hired Outlaw Ohio
C-18 1979 John Covington Buccaneer Minnesota
C-18 1979 Felicia Crowder Buccaneer Florida
C-18 1979 Joe Hime Odyssee Texas
C-18 1979 Gary Jones Buccaneer California
C-18 1979 Jon Lyons Buccaneer Illinois
C-18 1979 Adam Mankowski Buccaneer unknown
C-18 1979 John Mudgett Buccaneer Pennsylvania
C-18 1979 Jose Olazagasti Buccaneer Texas
C-18 1979 M. C. Phalen Buccaneer North Carolina
C-18 1979 Sanford Ropp Buccaneer Minnesota
C-18 1979 Jamie Roszel Buccaneer Ohio
C-18 1979 Rick Scarborough Brick Alabama
C-18 1979 Bill Schnelli Buccaneer unknown
C-18 1979 Steve Van Dam Buccaneer New Jersey
C-18 1980 John Billock Buccaneer Ohio
C-18 1980 Bontcho Bontchev Buccaneer Ohio unknown
C-18 1980 Kyle Cruz Buccaneer Ontario
C-18 1980 Bill Fay Killer Bee Colorado
C-18 1980 Jim Geiger Buccaneer Virginia unknown
C-18 1980 Barry & Bryant Gorrell Don't Pass the Bucc Maryland
C-18 1980 Kelley Meyers simbabee Utah unknown
C-18 1980 Joel Newman Buccaneer New York
C-18 1980 John Nicholas Pogey Bait Pennsylvania
C-18 1980 Dave Ottaviani Buccaneer Florida
C-18 1980 Ron Buccaneer unknown
C-18 1980 Larry Rota Bzzzzzz California
C-18 1980 Jeff Smith Buccaneer Texas
C-18 1980 James M. Zaehring Buccaneer Minnesota
C-18 1981 Eamon Buccaneer Ireland
C-18 1982 Bob & Cindy Caughran Buccaneer Oklahoma
C-18 1982 Paul Curtis Buccaneer Maryland
C-18 1982 Michael Eaton Buccaneer (Starwind) Washington
C-18 1982 Bryan Lanier Hope Floats Maryland
C-18 1982 Diana Opalach Buccaneer unknown unknown
C-18 1982 Bart Taliaferro Buccaneer (Starwind) Texas
C-18 1982 Richard West Meltdown (Starwind) Florida
C-18 1983 Bill Atkinson Buccaneer (Starwind) Missouri
C-18 1983 Steve Chaikin Soloari (Starwind) Michigan
C-18 1983 Kirk Dennis Buccaneer Texas unknown
C-18 1983 Henry Rowe Buccaneer Virgina
C-18 1983 Rob Sigond Buccaneer (Starwind) New York
C-18 1983 Mike Theis Kelly Gay (Starwind) Colorado
C-18 1983 Steve Trine Buccaneer (Starwind) Texas
C-18 1985 John Hamerslough Buck Fever Vermont
C-18 1985 Chuck & Sharon Lentz Buccaneer New Mexico
C-18 1985 Chris McGraw Buccaneer (Gloucester) Alabama
C-18 1985 Larry Schmida Buccaneer Indiana
C-18 1985 Randy Stark Buccaneer (Gloucester) North Carolina unknown
C-18 1985 Al Whitener Gadget Virgina
C-18 1986 Ken Crawford Buccaneer Texas
C-18 1986 Rick Smith Spirit 2 Tennessee
C-18 1976 Tim Townley no name Michigan TBTFarm@AOL.COM
C-18 1997 David Spira ELUSIVE (Cardinal) Colorado
C-18 1999 Joe R. House BUCK-N-AIR South Carolina

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