Chrysler Owner's E-mail List

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This page provides a list of Chrysler C-30 owners and their e-mail addresses, categorized by boat type and year. If you would like to add your name to this list, please send me an e-mail by clicking on the "e-mail" button in the left frame.

If you're not sure of your boat's year, check out the "How-To" section, where I have a link entitled "How To Figure Out Your Boat Year".

If you have not christened your boat with a name, I will list the boat name as "unknown".

For the sake of this list, I've taken to giving each model a number (e.g. C-30) although I've been told that this could cause some confusion as some other manufacturers designate their hulls C-XX. While dedicated to Chryslers, this list also includes boats that were originally built by Chrysler and later built by other manufacturers (i.e. TMI, Wellcraft / Starwind Boats, Gloucester Yachts, and Cardinal Yachts).

Model Year Owner Name Boat Name Location E-mail Address
C-30 (TMI) 1980 Pat Doyle Witch unknown
C-30 (TMI) 1980 Ralph Winkler unknown Wisconsin
T-30 (TICON) 1985 Stephen Kindelan unknown Florida
C-32 19XX Mike Gude unknown Iowa

This page last updated on Friday, April 13, 2000.