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Looking back, it is simply amazing how active the Chrysler sailing community was back in the 1970's, during the production hayday of the Chrysler Boat Corporation.

To truly understand how many people were involved, how competitive the racing scene was back then, and how much excitement was generated by the release of new designs, all one needs to do is simply has to read the Chrysler Crew's Nest, its later incarnation, The Quarterdeck magazine, Chrysler One Design Newsletter, and Mutineer Class Association information.

These publications contain a wealth of information for Chrysler sailors. They include hints and tips for all class designs; from the most common to the most exotic problems experienced.

They also include rare articles contributed by the designers themselves, who commented on why they designed the Chryslers as they did -- what combination of form and function they were trying to achieve. They include contributions by the sailmakers, who provided insight into achieving the most from the sails originally designed for the boats.

Most interesting, were all of the racing plans, regattas, results, and celebrations centered solely on Chrysler sailboats and their owners. Here, we can truly glimpse the heartbeat of the Chrysler sailing spirit.

This section is dedicated to those publications, and contains links to images scanned from assorted One Design Class Association newsletters, the Chrysler Crew's Nest newsletters, The Quarterdeck Magazine, and Mutineer Class Association documents.

For this wealth of information, thanks go to Jim & Brenda Workman, for sending the information package containing these 1970's era original publications. Jim & Brenda sail their C-15 Mutineer in Ohio.

Thanks go to Rick Smith for sending in the Mutineer Class Association information, circa 1981. Rick sails his 1974 Mutineer "Yellow Moon" in Tennessee.

On a personal note: I just got a new scanner, and I'm still working with getting the right resolution and image size settings. If you would like a better copy of one of these images, send me an e-mail and I'll try to rescan the one(s) your interested in at a higher resolution.

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