How to Repair Your Rudder Assembly

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Raleigh Martin was kind enough to share his experiences in repairing/replacing the rudder assembly on his 1980 C-22 "Red Rover". While the writeup and photos demonstrate the process for a C-22, owners of the other Chrysler cruising boats (C-20 & C-26) with a similar rudder configuration may be able to use this process as well.

For more information about how to repair the rudder thru-hull assembly, check out the "how to" tutorial written by Bob Gumpright by clicking on this link:

How to Repair Your Rudder Thru-Hull Assembly

Rudder Configuration

The following procedure and helpful comments are presented as a fellow sailor sharing experiences and lessons learned. The focus here is not trying to re-invent the process but to fix the problem and Get Back To Sailing!!

  1. I have a bolt that goes through both "cheeks" of the rudder just below the bottom of the rudder shaft. The exact location/measurements of mine is shown in the drawings below (click on the links to see the drawings).
  2. Rudder Assembly & Rudder Post Drawing

    Rudder Drawing

  3. I found some hollow nylon spacers that fit perfectly over the bolt (between the cheeks) and act as sort of a roller for the lines as they enter the bottom of the shaft. This reduces the chafing of the lines. I know of other owners who have gone so far as to install more elaborate rollers but this works fine for me.
  4. I have attached two drawings showing the routing of the two lines to raise and lower the rudder (click on the links to see the drawings).
  5. Rudder "Up" Drawing

    Rudder "Down" Drawing

  6. If you still have trouble, it may be because the cheeks are squeezing the rudder too tightly. Check the operation before putting the boat back into the water. The fit should be snug but not tight. If you have trouble rotating the rudder by hand (from outside the boat) it definitely will be difficult using the lines.
  7. I usually have to use my boat hook to push down on the rudder to get it started down if it's in the full-up position because the cheeks are a bit tight since I had the whole assembly rebuilt.

Many thanks to Raleigh Martin for taking the time to write this "how to" tutorial and take create these drawings! Raleigh sails "Red Rover" on the Chesapeake Bay in Virginia. If you would like to ask him any questions about this process, send an e-mail message to

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