Chrysler LS-13 "Lone Star"

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Original Spec Sheets

Thanks go to David Kain for scanning and sending these Lone Star 13 spec sheets.

Thanks go to Michael Mason for scanning and sending the following Lone Star 13 specifications, circa 1968, and to Pam Ammond for providing additional specifications.

GENERAL: The LS-13, with clubs nationwide, is the only 13' sailboat with full mast-head sloop rig, roomy cockpit, and no centerboard. It has twin bilgeboards for stability, flotation built in hull, mast and boom. An exciting one-design boat for competition and ideal for beginners and family sailors. *

13-foot fiberglass one-design, racing sloop that steps out light and lively in any air. A distinguishing feature of this pert little yacht is her masthead rig, with main and jib reaching right up for that off-the-water breeze all the way. , all the time. Twin, lever -operated bilge boards under the seats leave the cockpit clear for comfort and action. Anodized aluminum mast and boom. Hull has poured-in flotation. Bilge-boards and new advanced design rudder are anodized aluminum. The features include natural cypress floorboards and six recessed hiking handles. Ample storage is provided in bow and under seats; drains are located in bilge and above seats. The LS-13 is rated for outboard auxiliaries from 3.5 - 5 hp. An optional trailering kit is offered for your present trailer or a custom-mated Chrysler S-50 is available.

STANDARD EQUIPMENT: fiberglass hull with foam flotation, anodized aluminum mast and boom, twin, lever action, anodized aluminum bilge boards, anodized aluminum kick-up rudder, mainsail and jib, standing and running rigging, fiberglass, non-skid deck and seats, storage in bow and under seats, recessed metal handgrips around cockpit, heavy-duty rub rail, drains around seats in in bulge, transom designed for outboard motor, natural cypress floorboards, garnet red hull with shell white deck. Custom-mated trailer: Chrysler S-50.


Source: Sailboat Directory, 1968

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