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Original Spec Sheets

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Design & Production History

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BUCCANEER DESIGN HISTORY: The Buccaneer was designed in 1966 and introduced by sailing in The Yachting Magazine's "One of a Kind" Regatta in 1967 where it placed second behind a Thistle.


Chrysler Corporation - 1968 thru 1980, hull #1 thru approx. #4050. (Just over 4000 boats built).

Texas Marine International (TMI) - 1981 thru 1982, hull approx. #4051 thru approx. #4750. (Around 700 boats built).

Wellcraft Marine Corporation, Starwind Division - 1982 thru 1984, hull approx. #4751 thru approx. #5000. (Approx. 250 boats built).

Gloucester Yachts - 1985 thru 1986, hull #5001 thru #5059. (59 boats built).

Cardinal Yachts - 1987 thru 2003, hull #5060 thru #5065, #5100 thru #5106 and #5200 thru #5214.

Nickels Boat Works - 2003 thru present, hull numbers to be determined.

* NOTE: This information was gathered from Dick Gibbs and Harry Sindle and confirmed to be as accurate a production record as exists.


Source: Chrysler Brochure, 1977

GENERAL: Chrysler's 18' Buccaneer proved herself in national One-Of-A-Kind sail racing even before she was introduced! And today she's one of the fastest growing one-design classes--as well as a popular family day-sailer.

Considered by experts to be a breakthrough in performance design, Buccaneer's unique hull shape with long, lean bow and wide, flat stern lines make her easy to drive to windward, quick to plane, yet surprisingly stable, dry and easy to handle even for the novice. Her spacious 7'3" cockpit with molded-in, skid-resistant seats, deck and floor, plenty of storage, and rear deck hatch large enough for an outboard, make her an enviable family picnic sailer.

This performance purebred is so beautifully balanced and easy to handle, beginners learn the ropes quickly and seasoned sailors perform circles around competition.

STANDARD: 4-oz. roller-furling Dacron jib, window. 4-oz. Dacron mainsail with 4 battens and mid-boom sheeting. Adjustable foil-shape centerboard and rudder. Fingertip-control tiller with pivoting extension. Adjustable stainless standing rigging. Dacron running rigging. Foam-filled anodized aluminum spars and fiberglass hull. Twin suction bailers.

OPTIONS: Spinnaker with full gear. Olympic-type spinnaker launcher. Jib barber haulers. Boat cover. Boom vang. Hiking straps. Outboard bracket. Waterline stripe. Chrysler S-700 trailer.


To obtain parts for the "Buccaneer", contact:

Nickels Boat Works
2426 South Long Lake Road
Fenton, MI 48430
Phone number: 810-750-1855
General Information:

To obtain more information about the "Buccaneer", contact:

Buccaneer Class Association
Michael Birnbaum
RR 1, Box 3065
Plainfield, VT 05667
Phone Number: (802) 454-7834

The Buccaneer Web Site listed above provides the most comprehensive information about the C-18 "Buccaneer".

Here is a page from the Buccaneer Class Association Rules saved as a .pdf file: Genspec.pdf

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