Chrysler C-14 "Dagger"

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Source: Chrysler Brochure, 1977

GENERAL: Introducing the hot one...Chrysler Dagger. Take it fast, or take it easy with the all-new, hi-performance, quick-planing hull, 14'6" Dagger from Chrysler.

Low, lightweight, sleek and sassy, she is ready to challenge the best of the hot boats on any course--with a swingin' single-hander, or a crew of two. For leisurely fun afloat boating, she sails easily on her lines with 2-3 people. Should she capsize, one person can pop her right back up and sail away while her roomy, molded-in double cockpit bails itself dry.

The hull is foam-filled for positive flotation. Dagger is so easy to rig, handle, trailer or carry on car top. You can become an instant winner, even if you're just a beginner! Her cat-rigged Dacron sail is loose-footed for fine-tuning control, both on and off the wind. The halyard is inside the stayed mast for minimal wind resistance. All running gear, including up-down rudder, pivoting tiller extension, foil-shaped daggerboard and main-sheet is located so a single-hander can control her without moving inboard from the hiking position. Chrysler Dagger is a new class of one ... making performance sail racing a whole new ballgame!

STANDARD: Loose-footed Dacron mainsail (85 sq. ft.) with 3 battens. Colorful lime-blue-orange-white sail striping coordinates with hull color choices. Adjustable outhaul. Downhaul. Foam-filled, anodized aluminum hinged- step mast. Anodized aluminum boom. Stainless-steel standing rigging (forestay, shrouds). Dacron halyard, mainsheet. Foil-shape mahogany daggerboard. Harken blocks. Foil-shape mahogany rudder that controls up-down from the tiller, with extension. Textured deck surfaces. Foam hull flotation.

OPTIONS: Cockpit bailer. Hiking straps. Boom vang. Boat cover. Chrysler custom-mated trailer.


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