Chrysler C-15 "Man-O-War"

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Original Spec Sheets

Thanks go to David Kain for scanning and sending these Man-O-War spec sheets. Also, thanks to Lee Yancey & Jon Tyndall for the comprehensive spec sheet at the bottom of this list.

Source: Chrysler Brochure, 1977

Thanks go to Jon Tyndall & Chaim Teitelbaum for sending in these specifications.

GENERAL: One of the first in the new generation of family fun boats, the 15' planing-hull Man o'War uncomplicates performance sailing no matter whether you're a seasoned sailor or have never held a tiller before. Easy to rig, easy to trail, easy to sail, she'll forgive even the neophyte's mistakes.

STANDARD: Loose-footed Dacron sail with 3 vertical battens; luff sleeve slips right over the mast. Mast rotates in step so you can furl sail onto it for quick reefing, easy storage. All gear including 2-piece mast store inside cockpit for trailering. The daggerboard is reversible. The kick-up rudder raises, lowers from the tiller. She has a pivoting tiller extension, integral hiking toeholds, stainless race hardware, Dacron running rigging. The big 6'8" cockpit with bailer carries 2-3 people with proper balance and trim. She has a skid-resistant deck and molded-vee splash board. Her cockpit floats above water even if knocked down. Foam floatation in hull, mast and boom makes her easy righting. She resists turning upside down if capsized. There's storage space below deck. Freestanding rig eliminates mast-support wires. Her low, sassy silhouette gives her a racy look even at anchor.

OPTIONS: Boat cover, boom vang, Chrysler SC-500 trailer.


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